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Hot Tub Service and Repairs

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Hot Tub Services and Repairs

  • Spa cover replacement: custom measure and installation
  • Spa cover lifts
  • Pump, heater, leak and freeze damage repair
  • PC board repair
  • Spa Seal Spa Covers: made in Colorado


Tidbits about Hot Tubs?

The original hot tub was, and in many areas still is, a hot mineral spring. The Romans had large baths that were heated from underneath by huge tendered fires. Many mineral springs today feed into bath houses using large cedar tubs. Then they developed wine cask styles with wood stoves set inside the tub. “Cowboy Style” tubs are still available using water troughs with a wood fired heater inside. The acrylics of today are a sophisticated laminate that has evolved into a durable shell material.

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